Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Title: The Missing Pieces

Author: H.S. Strickland

Release Date: 27th October 2014

***copy generously provided in return for a honest review***

  The Missing Pieces is the second instalment from the Intertwined Seduction series, by H.S. Strickland. Although Ray and Mace are not the main focus of this story, they are in fact both an important piece to this captivating puzzle of an amazing story by the author.

  The Missing Pieces tells the story this time  around of Sloane, who we met towards the end of The Lucky Bullet, and Ryan, Maces' work colleague and best friend. At first thought, Sloane appears to be an 'average' character. Despite being feisty, independent, and tougher than most of the guys you read about. Sloane harbours a massive secret within her. A secret so big it could tear the world of those around her apart.

  Sloane and Ryan work together. Their chemistry is electric, and no matter how hard she tries to avoid the inevitable with him, it's seems like there's a massive magnet is pulling his positive towards her negative.

  Giving too much away will only spoil the pure genius of the story for you. I want to keep you guessing and on the edges of your seats like I was. It's powerful, intriguing, and will leave it's mark on your everyday thought.

  With the first book, The Lucky Bullet, I felt that it wasn't as well written as it could have been. The flow wasn't that smooth, and the fast paced relationship between Ray and Mace wasn't that believable for me. But, by god did H.S get this story right! It was utterly captivating all the way from the start, right through to the final full-stop. It flowed like a dream, and was beautifully written keeping me sucked in all of the way through.

  I really honestly can not wait for the next instalment by H.S. Strickland. This was one read I highly recommend, and righty deserves the full five stars I have happily rated it.

 Well done H.S...one superb, suspense filled story :)

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ full 5 stars

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