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Review - WASTED, by Suzannah Daniels

Title: Wasted

Author: Suzannah Daniels

Release Date: October 7th 2014

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**Copy generously provided by the author in return for a honest review**

 Having never previously read a title by Suzannah Daniels, I pretty much jumped at the generous opportunity, by the author herself, to review Wasted. 
 Not knowing what to expect from the story itself, or by the unfamiliar writing skills of the author. I was thoroughly looking forward to getting stuck into the lives of Mason and Lexi.

 The blurb was a major selling point for me. It was intriguing, yet it didn't give too much of the story away.
 You quickly get introduced to Mason and Lexi, and so begins their tale inside of the  stories main central hub, Spanky's Bar. (Spanky's is the place where Mason has bar tended ever since the owner, also Spanky - the bars namesake, had taken a young Mason under his wing many years ago) Spanky's is also where Lexi is going to be starting her new job. Thus begins their love story...A love story riddled with secrets, obstacles, and many twists and turns which will threaten their relationship at every turn.

  Mason Cambridge is the charming, womanising, and alcohol dependent main male character. Yet this facade he wears hides the emotionally scarred soul that just wants to be just matter to somebody.
  Lexi Swafford is the sexy newcomer who quickly becomes an important part of Masons life. Soon moving in, becoming his room-mate, and making it her mission to 'fix' Mason' demons. Yet, Lexi hides her own secrets, and learns that fighting fire with fire can sometimes create an inferno that's just to hard to hide from.

  There were points in this story that I found predictable, and points where I was frustratingly thinking "geez...just tell each other the truth. Stop avoiding it!" This especially with the secrets that Lexi hid. However, the frustrations were also a part of what made this story so intriguing and gripping, and once their issues were aired you begin to understand why they did, said, and hid what they did.

  Wasted is a well written, new adult contemporary romance. Although at times it was infuriatingly frustrating, and made you want to shout "ARGHHHHHHH". It was also fresh, Whitty at times, and made you go through all those many different emotions a good book should make you feel.

  Suzannah Daniels managed to write an intriguing love story, which leave you not only wanting to know more about Mason and Lexi, but also more about those other secondary characters you read and enjoy throughout the story. I for one can't wait for the next instalment of Whiskey Night.


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