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Review ~ GUARDED HEARTS, by L.A. Corvill

Title: Guarded Hearts

Author: L.A. Corvill

Publication Date: August 12 2014

want nothing but to escape the bitterness and emptiness surrounding me....

I'm, Olivia Rey, a product of an unwanted pregnancy and since that day forward my world has not been easy. My mother's anger at not being able to hold on to my 'father' made her lash out all her hatred and venom at me growing up. So, I did the only thing I could to survive, I enclosed my heart until I can be in the light. 

All I want is to be surrounded in darkness to not feel...

I'm, Phoenix Ryan, I have lived a life of privilege with no boundaries making me feel invincible. Then when I was on a high, tragedy came crashing down on me and cast me into a world where I was left numb. So I did the only thing I could to survive I enclosed my heart, so I could walk into the darkness.

Will these two guarded hearts eclipse into each other to find love, or will they be forever guarded. 

***copy generously provided in return for an honest review***

I absolutely fell in love with the Synopsis of Guarded Hearts, and was ecstatic to receive a copy in return for a honest review. If falling for the Synopsis wasn't enough, I was totally and utterly blown away by the Prologue of this book.

The prologue focuses on, Nix, the main male character, and how tragedy has moulded him into the man he would later become. Such a powerful and emotional start to what would prove to be a truly great story.

The story then moves on to tell you the awful start Olivia had in life, and her determination to become someone other than her mothers mirror image.

I was hooked on the story of Livi and Nix, and I often found myself a teary eyed emotional wreck, often grabbing for the box of tissues which were always close by. Firstly there was Livi's story and how she wanted to escape her dreadful life and upbringing, to become someone...or something. But, more be loved.

 Then there was Nix, who wanted to hide from his life and the demons that darkened it. Living everyday full of guilt and regret, wishing he could change what was done, and hoping the guilt would lessen...but it doesn't.

There was a teeny point in the story where I could have marked down my star rating, as I was finding myself becoming bored with the characters constantly saying how they felt about each other. But, that was my personal pet peeve and no reflection on the writing or story at all. This feeling didn't last long at all, and I was soon sucked right back in. Enjoying every bit of the emotional roller coaster that this story was.

I'd loooooove to give more away, but that would just spoil it for everyone. So, I will just say that I absolutely loved this book, and highly recommend a read.

Full 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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